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Day 10 Complete

Posted at 11:55pm on 9th August 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 0 Comments | Category: The Journey

Day 10 Complete

I am currently 119 miles from John O’Groats! Made it to Inverness today after a day of some difficulty, so I am pretty pleased about that, but still not yet comfortable enough to start the complacency.

Did not sleep too good last night so was more tired than usual. I started the day at 10:15am with Laura as the support driver. It was pouring with rain and the first couple miles were on the A9 North of Calvine. It was not a pleasant experience but very quickly the rain stopped and the cycle track started. It was a great ride all the way to Aviemore on the cycle track, very scenic and sunny and quite simply a joy, however i was shattered when i arrived there.

As well as Laura being there, Tina and Oliver & Finlay were there too to join in the action, it was great to see them and we got some good photos, which as usual i will disappoint you by not putting up on the site yet. As i was so tired i decided to have an extra long lunch and wait for John P ( Ross & Gregor’s dad) to join the support team. Unfortunately John brought some torrential rain with him so we sat in the car for another half hour before venturing out at what was now a worrying 3:30pm. Would i make it to Inverness?

Got started again finally at a frantic pace and after 2 miles i heard a disconcerting crack and the bike went wobbly. A spoke had snapped on the rear wheel and it was buckled. Rats! With a 2 car support team this was no problem and Laura took the bike back in to Aviemore to Mike’s Bikes who kindly fixed it up for cheap when they clearly did not have time. In the meantime i treated the spare bike ( a mountain bike) to a spin for about 10 miles so as not to lose too much time, with John in support. It is only when you have been cycling a proper road bike you realise just how awful a mountain bike is on the road and progress was very slow and painful until Laura pitched up with the fixed bike at 6pm. I was glad of John being there to hand over more drinks than normal.

Once back on the main steed there were 25 miles, more or less, to Inverness and these were despatched in about an hour and a half at high speed, it was great fun tailing John through the back roads.

A real feeling of success having made it to Inverness but there is still work to be done.

Just had a mega-feed at Joanne&Dari’s house and drying my stinking shoes by the fire.

80 miles tomorrow and i can relax a bit for Wednesday….

Fingers crossed for no wind, rain, hills, breakages tomorrow.

Those of you coming to John O’Groats… if all goes well i will see you there at 2pm but watch this space.


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