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Day 11 Complete

Posted at 10:50pm on 10th August 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 0 Comments | Category: The Journey

Started today where I finished yesterday as usual, which was Tesco car park in Inverness. Today’s target was to make it as far as possible basically - the bare minimum acceptable was Brora.

It was hard going from the off, I dont think the roads were any more difficult than usual, i just felt like the last 10 days were starting to catch up.

A torrential downpour did not stop me, for the simple reason that to stop would have been to freeze, and still be under the clouds. Keeping going meant eventually i would outrun the rain and the wind would dry my clothes after a while.

Once the sun came out and i was dry we stopped for lunch then carried on toward Brora after a half hour break.

I was struggling for the first time in a while i felt, and had a couple more stops than normal. By the time I arrived in Brora it was 5 oclock and my front wheel had buckled - another loose spoke.

Tightened up the spoke, and started off again, hoping to get another 35 miles done by 8pm.

It was unbelievably hilly around Helmsdale but very enjoyable as i started to feel the energy come back. Then another torrential downpour but still carried on anyway until finally at 715 i stopped to check the front wheel and the loose spoke fell out . I have 2 spare front wheels plus a spare bike anway so will be sorted for tomorrow but called it a day at that ( approx 78 miles total), with 22 of the projected 35 miles further past Brora completed.

A bit disappointed i didnt make it further to make tomorrow even easier, but i am still ahead of schedule and have only 45 miles to do tomorrow approximately. Every mile tomorrow will seem like double though as I have to wear the Celtic shirt for some extra donations and also more importantly as it would make Ross’s day.

Internet conection here is barely existent so no photos but i know John took loads today and the views were great so they will appear soon. I also got some good video of the mega-hills, you should try going on the route page of this site and drving North from Helmsdale to see how steep they are!

Feeling a bit odd that it will be all be over tomorrow as this has been the focus of my life since February, but i will be pumped and ready for action come morning.

See you in John O Groats about 2pm tomorrow?

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