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I'll be updating this page as regularly as I can with all kinds of related stuff - training news ,sponsors, photos , occasional ranting….

I'll also be posting here during the journey itself, so please check back regularly to keep up to date. Your support really will make a massive difference to me, even if it’s just a few words it all makes a difference!

Day 11.5 Complete

Posted at 5:30pm on 11th August 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 4 Comments | Category: The Journey

Day 11.5 Complete

I made it.

Couldnt have done it without the support of a lot of people.


More later….



Peter and Winnie11 Aug 10, 10:17pm

Did you really need the saddle that high? Wonderful acheivement Neil. Well done. Kevin and Sarah et al send their congrats also.

Jacqui11 Aug 10, 11:57pm

I am sad to see this come to an end. I have enjoyed logging on daily to hear how you have made out. So proud of you. You did a fantastic job finding time every night to keep everyone updated on your experiences. It is a great tribute to Ross and a God send for all the people that may be helped with the updated facilities at the intensive care unit. Well done. Cannot find enough words to expess all the accolades you deserve. Cheers. Jacqui (PS Kathleen has also been tracking you while at work in Detroit)

Derek & Irene12 Aug 10, 9:37am

Fantastic and well done Neil, you look as though you are just starting the return trip to Lands End! Ross couldn’t have had a nicer friend, well done and lots of good wishes and love from D&I Angela/Helen/Linda and families.


Jo Lees20 Aug 10, 7:16am

Well done mate, what a fantastic achievement and a fitting tribute. I presume you’re cycling back too? Jo xx

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