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Day 2 complete

Posted at 11:00pm on 1st August 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 1 Comments | Category: The Journey

Started of course in exactly the same place as i finished yesterday, at Launceston. Managed to start at 11am today which was better, still need to be earlier though.

A very scenic ride along the back roads to Okehampton, then along to Coppleston and then Crediton, where i stopped for lunch. There were many big hills just like yesterday but being as it was scenic country roads and i was better rested it was lots more fun and not nearly as tiring.

From Crediton went up towards Tiverton, then took an extreme-back-road short cut that Jim worked out across to a road that leads on to the A38 near Cullompton. These were single track roads with some of those steep hills that you see on maps marked with the black triangles to indicate just how steep they are. Going up was ok as i have learned not to rush, going down the other side was pretty spicy, culminating with an emergency stop to avoid going in to the back of Jim as he waited for me at the bottom.

Continuing along the A38 there are a lot of very gradual but very long inclines with sharp downhill sections once you reach the top. As yesterday, half way up some of these i began to doubt my abilities, then once i got to the top it was happy days again. Going down one of the hills, i imagine (from the days when i had a speedo)at about 30-35 mph there was an unavoidable pot hole which i managed to not take at full force but despite the evasion technique the front wheel took a battering. For the next little while it rattled but seemed ok then it went a bit wonky and i stopped where Jim was waiting in a layby. Half of the spokes had come loose and the wheel had buckled a bit so i got the bike fix manual out ( i know almost nothing about bike maintenance) and Jim and I did our best and it the wheel was running true again.

Set off for Taunton, and after about 45 minutes the wheel decided to almost collapse and i was forced in to the pit lane where at 645pm i decided to call it a day.

I have a spare wheel but there was no point messing around with that at that time so just packed up and went to B&B near Bristol and got some food in a pub where all the bar staff avoided me as best they could as i smelled like a tramp after the days exertions.

So a stop in Halfords is required in the morning first, but it appears the Gods are smiling as where i need to start tomorrow ( Eastbourne Road, Taunton) is 2.6 miles from Halfords mega store where i have free bike servicing priviliges( £17, they didnt donate).

So another successful day, approx 80 miles completed, still on target.

Hoping to start at 10am tomorrow but will see what the helpful chaps from Halfords do to assist this.

Will some photos on tomorrow from today but gotta go to bed now.

tina stewart01 Aug 10, 10:41pm

doing well Neil. keep it up. Hi Jim! x x

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