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I'll be updating this page as regularly as I can with all kinds of related stuff - training news ,sponsors, photos , occasional ranting….

I'll also be posting here during the journey itself, so please check back regularly to keep up to date. Your support really will make a massive difference to me, even if it’s just a few words it all makes a difference!

Day 4 Complete

Posted at 11:30pm on 3rd August 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 3 Comments | Category: The Journey

I really need to get to bed early one of these days. No photos again sorry due to sleep requirements.

It was a straight line pretty much all the way from Cirencester to Nuneaton except for the last few roads.

One puncture, 4 litres of lucozade and 4 mega hills ( 14% gradient on one of them) were todays main players. I have perfected my hill technique now and am no longer fearful of hills.

It was a nice ride but to be honest i didnt see much of it as just got my head down and tried to go as fast as possible.

Top support driving work from Elizabeth today, todays distance covered was 76 miles so still perfectly on track to complete on time and the food was ace as well thanks Elizabeth!

Met my parents this evening, we are staying in a very nice hotel with good facilities for the knackered cyclist so a gold star to parents there. I havent seen them in months so the next few days should be good. Might see if either of them wants to try and keep up on the spare bike….


Heading out East tomorrow in search of flat roads despite my earlier comments.

Laura04 Aug 10, 10:35am

You’re doing well. Keep up all the good work! Just remember it’ll be Curry and Beer at the finish! Laura x x

Elizabeth Puddick04 Aug 10, 11:37am

It was a pleasure to meet Neil and Jim, and a priviledge to be able to help Neil for just a short part of his amazing journey. He has fantastic stamina (thank goodness for lucozade and pasta) and is so laid back about the whole venture! See you at the finish Neil

Sarah Cloy04 Aug 10, 9:30pm

Neil, you are such a star. I knew you could do it, but it’s great to read you’re keeping up with the schedule you set yourself. I feel ridiculously proud of you. Keep on pedalling! x x x

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