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I'll be updating this page as regularly as I can with all kinds of related stuff - training news ,sponsors, photos , occasional ranting….

I'll also be posting here during the journey itself, so please check back regularly to keep up to date. Your support really will make a massive difference to me, even if it’s just a few words it all makes a difference!

Day 4 photo

Posted at 11:51pm on 28th September 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 0 Comments | Category: The Journey

Day 4 photo

This is Elizabeth ( a Paterson family friend ) who was my support driver on Day 4. Elizabeth and her husband kindly gave Jim and I dinner and a bed on day 3 ( one bed each thankfully) on top of the support driving the next day - as Jim had to go back to Scotland after 4 days of perpetual driving for me.

Elizabeth also made the effort and came all the way to John O’ Groats for the finish which was much appreciated by all concerned.

I very much enjoyed my day out with you Elizabeth, you did a great job thanks, on hand for all sandwich and puncture related emergencies!

I only just remembered the salad cream in tuna pasta as well, will try that soon.

Day 4 photo

Posted at 11:49pm on 28th September 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 1 Comments | Category: The Journey

Day 4 photo

Halfords in Nuneaton- although a satisfying end to a hard day of busy A-roads there is not much to see. Instead here is a photo of a sweaty tired man with questionnable hair.

Dad29 Sep 10, 9:19am

I remember that look - it was around 7.30 pm I was about to take over support duties from Elizabeth and here we were in Nuneaton and I told you we had 68 miles to drive to overnight accommodation. Not best pleased I beleive.!! The look says “What”

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