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Day 6 Complete - updated

Posted at 10:00pm on 5th August 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 2 Comments | Category: The Journey

Day 6 Complete - updated

101 miles completed today! I reached Bedale, therefore I am way ahead of schedule. However, no complacency as there are big hills ahead and i am only just over half way.

More detail later, just cooking some pasta in hotel room….

Started in Retford of course, at 10am for once, in the hotel car park where i finished yesterday, up some back roads through Mattersey then on the A631 to Bawtry. I then followed the A614 all the way up to Selby, passing through Thorne amongst other places. 99% of these roads were flat, hence why i picked them from some previous local knowledge. It was really hard going despite this as there was a strong wind in my face the whole way across to Tadcaster and then over to Wetherby at 3.30pm. I pretty much didnt stop the whole way other than for a quick drinks refill and the odd sandwich. Mum & Dad were constantly in the right place having learned their trade very quickly.

In Wetherby i stopped for just over and hour, had the rear wheel looked at in the bike shop mentioned before. It has seen better days and I am not sure if it will make it to the end. I might have a bike like ‘Trigger’s broom’ by the end of this.

Then on to some roads i know very well having spent the last 5 months cycling them in training. Up to Boroughbridge then over to Ripon and finally arrived in Bedale about 730pm. The roads from Ripon to Bedale were a joy as they were quiet country roads with beautiful scenery and a warm sunny night. i took a few photos and even had time to sit around and enjoy it for a while.

I am really beginning to enjoy this, it didnt seem like 100 miles atall. Tomorrow is going to be a decisive day as its in to hill country - I have to make it to hexham however its not even 80 miles there now so i have done myself a big favour today. I am hoping that i can go even further than that but we shall see…

I noticed that there is now over £6000 raised which is unbelievable. Just saying thanks is not enough so i will try even harder. Also thanks to everyone who is sending text messages which are always good to receive even if my replies are late and not very interesting sorry.

Fingers crossed for no wind tomorrow.


(photo is of Selby Abbey taken while waiting for lights to change, notice the imminent storm brewing in background. Will catch up with other photos another time….)

sheilacorker05 Aug 10, 9:23pm

Hello Nephew Very proud of you in what you are doing im behind you all the way ‘Not Literally’ not like mum & Dad bet they r tired just in a car.dont know if David is still thinking of meeting you somewhere, alls well here if you want to carry on cycling to here you will be welcome only joking you take care love Aunty Sheila

Chris Mansfield06 Aug 10, 1:25am

keep up the good work neil. your doing a fantastic job, good look the Mansfield family

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