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Day 8 Complete

Posted at 9:15pm on 7th August 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 3 Comments | Category: The Journey

I am at Gregor’s house in Edinburgh and have just eaten a massive plate of pasta. I should only be in Galashiels in a hotel but things have gone very well in the last few days. Approx 87 miles today along the A68 from Bellingham area, the first half mostly uphill, the second half mostly downhill. So i am about half a day ahead of schedule, or around 35 miles.

However, not time to be easing off and getting complacent , it surely must be all uphill from here so some hard days ahead still.

The parents are now departed having done a magnificent job over the last few days, the best bit today was tailing them through Edinburgh receiving directions over the 2 way radio.

Gregor takes over tomorrow , he has a hard act to follow, can he live up to it?

Will update more later and get a couple photos on, got some good ones today, also i havent forgotten need to update more detail and photos from previous days….


Parents of The Bikelord08 Aug 10, 7:42am

The Apps Mobile arrived in Edinburgh around 6pm after some 87 miles covered in 7.5 hours. Now that is some going considering there are some horrendous hills up towards the Scottish border. And “yes” - just as he got to the top where there is the stone pillar saying Welcome to Scotland the heavens opened as if to say “Welcome Home”

The past 5 days have been and experience we will never forget. There are far too many stories to post here, however these will get recorded for our future reference. We took loads of photos and video footage on the way back from Nuneaton to Edinburgh.

Taking video from a car window trying to keep up with the “Bikelord” going at speeds in excess of 40mph down some country back road is quite frightening knowing there are cattle grids and the odd sheep lurking around distant corners, knowing he is sitting on two wheels that are only 1” thick and the roads in some places were still wet from previous down pours makes it exciting to say the least..

We met some great people on route like Dave and Carol Roberts from Southwell Notts who were waiting for a bus, and many others who took more than just a keen interest in the Tribute Cycle Ride.

To get to Edinburgh on Day 8 at 6pm way ahead of target is mainly due to Neil operating to the SAS 7 Ps and of course stamina and determination to finish on target.

Take care and stay safe Neil see you very soon - Mum and Dad “The Parents”

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