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Day 9 Complete

Posted at 9:54pm on 8th August 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 1 Comments | Category: The Journey

Who would have predicted that the earliest start to date would come at the hands of Gregor?

8am we left, as Gregor had advised that the Edinburgh 10k was on around the Forth Bridge area. I had been fed porridge for breakfast, and what a difference it made. I have never had so much energy in my life.

Stopped in to see Jacob, Angela and Paul in Dalmeny for 5 minutes then proceeded to Forth Road Bridge, it was amazing i have never been on it other than in a car.

After getting some photos on the bridge, the porridge-energy fully kicked in and next thing i knew we were in Halfords car park in Perth. ( The mechanics are good in this branch i know from experience) Just half an hour prior to this I met Sarah & Cloy who drove out from Cupar just to say hello which was much appreciated cheers

Met up with Mum & Dad, Tom & Angela, Melissa, my nutrition adviser( Dug Park) and then carried on up the road to Pitlochry where Gregor and I stopped for Sandwiches.

Having refuelled i set off again and went as far as Layby 60 which is a few miles North of Calvine on the A9.

Total for day about 100 miles. I finished at 6pm and had energy to keep going however we decided it was best to not get carried away and ruin myself for tomorrow.

Only 3 days left, but still a long way to go. However i am starting to believe I am actually fit enough to finish this…

It was a great day today , I really enjoyed it, Gregor did a great job driving and spent a small fortune on Lucozade for me as my 96 bottles ran out 2 days ago….

I will be putting all the photos from the trip on at the end as now that i have let it get away from me its going to be a nightmare

Back at the parental home now with Laura here who is taking over support duties in the morning. Again she has a hard act to follow, especially with radio banter….

Its time for bed now

80 miles planned for tomorrow, i think that should get me to Inverness but not sure, too late for map checking now…

Caroline ( Allison)09 Aug 10, 8:02pm

Really enjoying reading your diary. You are doing so amazing. Wish I was not working tomorrow as would love to have cheered you on at Inverness. If you need anything let me know and I will do my best. Best of Luck. Caroline

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