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Fitness improvement

Posted at 9:23pm on 26th June 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 2 Comments | Category: Training

Just sitting here thinking, the first day i went out for a big ride, I did an easy route, and at 52 miles i was totally shattered and had to give up. I couldnt move for days. I suppose its a good sign that I am disappointed having only done 64 miles today and it was too easy. There clearly has been an improvement in fitness. The pressure is on tomorrow as need to get the miles on the clock in plenty of time for the England game….

Tina 27 Jun 10, 10:21am

Looks like your covering the mileage in good time Neil! Quite impressed. Hope your back holds out- keep stretching x x

Morgan28 Jun 10, 8:14am

Being disappointed with 64 miles is definitely a good sign, but you’ll be more disappointed at coming home early from yesterday’s training to witness the farce that was England’s performance!

Your boys were a total shambles.

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