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Posted at 11:59pm on 28th June 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 5 Comments | Category: Training

…is not a good day for many reasons today. Like the mighty England - I promised so much (training) today, but i then thought it fitting to only deliver a little, and leave many people disappointed and disillusioned with my performance. This concludes my football based analogy.

More cycling tomorrow….

Fiona Caterine McCluskey (the 1st)29 Jun 10, 8:51am

ah the foozeball! hope the score over the weekend hasn’t got you down too much. Just you get on that bike and show us that not all Englishmen(as you like to pretend you are :-p)are pants at performing when the going gets tough!! Much love and supportxx

BigApps29 Jun 10, 12:02pm

I just phoned Fabio and suggested he get the team on some bikes and follow you up to Scotland. Might help their running capabilities and direction. Mind you, you would be the only one crossing the border. Keep smiling Son

Laura (arf arf...)29 Jun 10, 12:35pm

ha ha.. after Sunday’s score i’d be jumping ship and be proud of your Scottish routes! I know your cycle will be far more successfull. x x x

Robbie29 Jun 10, 2:24pm

Neil buddy,

Unlike England I think you’ll meet expectation and deliver what you set out to do. Just watch out when you get over the border. There are a lot of dead Scotsmen lying on the road - they just keeled over and killed themselves laughing when Freddy Fritz put four past the Auld Enemy!!!

Keep the chin up, son. You’ll do it!


Michelle Brown29 Jun 10, 6:56pm


I’m sure you’ll do great. Reckon Laura should be cycling part of the route with you!! Might hold you back though :0) Sorry Laura!!!

Anyway good luck.

M x

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