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Punctures and more punctures

Posted at 7:00pm on 10th July 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 0 Comments | Category: Training

Punctures and more punctures

All set for a good day out to take the long way down to Kev’s. Left Scone at 1230. Just past the ice factory in Perth the unwelcome sound of my first puncture of the training regime so far. Nevermind, i will quickly fix it… or so i thought. However this was a 3 - hole puncture so i called in the troops ( Laura - practising her role as support team member for the expedition itself) to pick me up and take me to halfords to buy spare inner tubes. You are probably thinking at this point why dont i have these with me already? I am awaiting delivery of some spares that are allegedly going to be donated for free before the trip commences so had assumed that a puncture repair kit would do in the meantime. Got to halfords, got TWO spare inner tubes , fixed puncture- started off again. 1 mile later another puncture. Back to Halfords. The bike man there couldnt deduce any reason why it was continually bursting until eventually we found a tiny tear in the tyre which was causing the problem. So a new tyre needed. However they didnt have the right size so the only option was to buy a different size and swap the existing front tyre with the back and put the new wrong tyre on the front. Sounded like a pain so i just paid them to do it. Eventually all fixed and £48 lighter for the day i set off and did the the shorter route of 21 miles to Kevs in good time in the pouring rain. Probably should have phoned ahead to warn people i would be turning up in lycra, i think a couple of people already worse for wear were sickened at the sight…. A boring story I agree but if you were to just read the stats it would look like i wasnt trying. Aiming for Perth - Glasgow tomorrow, will see what luck that brings….

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