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I'll be updating this page as regularly as I can with all kinds of related stuff - training news ,sponsors, photos , occasional ranting….

I'll also be posting here during the journey itself, so please check back regularly to keep up to date. Your support really will make a massive difference to me, even if it’s just a few words it all makes a difference!


Posted at 10:00pm on 13th July 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 40 Comments | Category: Ramblings

Ahoy there! I have been on t’internet last couple nights sorting hotels, contacting suppliers etc. You would think after the poor form at the weekend i would have been out on bike trying to make it up but alas no. There is much to do to ensure success. I have had some positive news from a couple of sponsors which i will unveil in a day or so, once confirmed. At present i have a support team which consists of 6 -8 people who will do the trip with me in various vehicles, carrying such items as clean pants, toothbrush, hairdryer etc and possibly some spares for the bike. Without them it would be 973 times harder.

A big thanks to them for commiting their time and effort, and in all cases, the untold money it will cost them all to do so.

It was also very encouraging to speak to quite a few people at the weekend at Finderlie who have been on this site and it meant a lot to hear such positive things from you all- thanks - it made my weekend.

The funds raised so far are amazing, including gift aid its just over 4000 pound! I didnt think for a moment it would be so much when i was finished, nevermind before i have even started.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, sorry i cant get in touch at the moment individually.

Will be back out cycling tomorrow now that the bike is fixed , even if the forecasted mega-rain continues ( i am glad i am not out tonight).

Cheers, neil

Morgan14 Jul 10, 3:35pm


Jacob Scott14 Jul 10, 7:17pm

Uncle Neil!!

All of your training sounds like it is paying off, apart from when you have needed physio but I hope you are all better and ready for your cycle. I am very excited for you and can’t wait for you to start!!

Good Luck!!

Love Jacob x

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