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This weekend's action

Posted at 11:00am on 10th July 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 3 Comments | Category: Training

Having been to physio Friday morning, once again I have been instructed to get out on bike again, make more use of lower gears to avoid further leg injury. I will be cycling to Kev’s (Finderlie) to join in the T-in-the-Park related fun this saturday morning, but for the first year without having any beers there as of course my training regime wont allow it. I then plan to cycle back to Glasgow on Sunday morning, before driving back to York in the afternoon. I am currently sitting with Laura discussing the ‘shall we camp tonight’ question. It’s raining and camping does not make you feel much like cycling 80 miles the next day anyway. Hmmm….there is a comfy bed only 20 miles away and i am not drinking anyway so could drive there later tonight. Such difficult decisions….

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