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Training variation

Posted at 12:35am on 1st July 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 3 Comments | Category: Training

To vary my training, i went out tonight at 730pm having had no dinner to see if i could go the distance under difficult circumstances. It was pretty hard going, the last 5 miles were a nightmare. However this is why i am still up at this time of night, still eating. It was an interesting experiment but i dont think it needs to be tried again. My parents are probably reading this about to fly back from their holiday to make sure i am eating properly now….

Andrew Simms03 Jul 10, 9:15am

Difficult circumstances = no dinner?? Is that how they test the Foreign Legion?

tina stewart03 Jul 10, 10:50am

please eat!!

neil03 Jul 10, 11:14pm

I am stepping up the calories now for maximum energy dont worry Thats what they said to do in the ‘legion…

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