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I'll be updating this page as regularly as I can with all kinds of related stuff - training news ,sponsors, photos , occasional ranting….

I'll also be posting here during the journey itself, so please check back regularly to keep up to date. Your support really will make a massive difference to me, even if it’s just a few words it all makes a difference!

Wetherby Physiotherapy join the cause

Posted at 12:55pm on 2nd July 2010 by Neil Apps Add Comment | 3 Comments | Category: Sponsors

Nora Thrush, MCSP Grad. Dip. Phys. who is treating my back at Wetherby Physiotherapy practice has kindly sponsored the expedition with 50 % of her fees from the 1st three sessions to be deducted and put towards the cause! Very generous and much appreciated thanks. My back is also clearly gettting better as you can see by my training log so all good work - you can find a link to Wetherby Physio site on the sponsors page.

Jacqui & Bob Flood02 Jul 10, 5:21pm

Hi Neil, Your website has reached Canada. Great cause. Here in Canada I serve our community through my Lions Club. We not only raise money for preventable blindness by purchasing expensive equipment for eye surgery for local hospitals but also other community needs. But I have not riden a bike as far as you. Wish you all the luck and support in the world. I am happy to join your cause from Essex, Ontario, Canada

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