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Anyone who met Ross will have some stories or memories – are there any that you can share? It would be good to hear them if you can take the time please. Or even some commentary on some photos you have uploaded. Feel free to comment on what anyone else has said.

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A wee story about Ross

Posted at 6:25pm on 23rd June 2010 by Gareth McCluskeyAdd Comment | 1 Comments

So many to tell but what should I choose – I’ll maybe try and tell them all Ross was a total personality who I totally adored from the very first time I met him on the 17th Floor of a 32 story high rise flat in the luxurious Springburn area of Glasgow. While we were resident the accommodation achieved the great honour of making the front page of the Record under the title of Deathtrap. . . I think Kevin had brought Ross as backup given Kevin had been landed as roommates with 3 Belfast boys. Rossy within 20 minutes of meeting me convinced that I would need to blend in a bit more, to survive in Springburn, and given he explained he was a trained hair dresser, offered his services. I ended up with a BNP style shaved head, right to the bone, with apparently what were “designer tufts”. To coin an irish expression – From then on any time spent with Ross which I was blessed to have had; “the Craic was ninety”. And I will provide some photo’s and video of some of the real gems of times I had with the boy. Once again – a total loss – he will be with me forever – everyone loved Ross but who could not.

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