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Bringing cheer to others

Posted at 9:00am on 29th July 2010 by Ross' MumAdd Comment | 0 Comments

Today is Ross’ birthday and so the obvious day for reflection on all those events, some funny, some tearful, some downright dangerous!  Like the time he drank the remains of a bottle of red wine while I was outside painting the windows…….problem was he was three!  Or the time he (and Gregor who shall not remain blameless in all of this!) turned round all the hotel and B & B signs on the way home after celebrating Ross’ driving test.   Goof and Neil probably know this one!  Or the time he fell asleep in Jess’ bed and slept there all night (and we have photographic proof!)

But perhaps this very recent story is one you would all like to share with us.  A few weeks ago, we received a letter from the recipient of Ross’ heart.  The father of twin boys, this man had only been able to sit around the house, lie on the couch and watch his chances of survival slip away.  His transplant has been very successful and he is now able to enjoy days out with his family and hopes soon to return to work.  Ross always had the gift of being able to bring cheer  to others and lend a hand where he could…….and it seems he is still doing it!

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