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Feeling Supersonic..

Posted at 1:54pm on 25th June 2010 by Ross ReidAdd Comment | 0 Comments

I've got so many magic memories of Ross but I had a wee think today and this one really stuck out. I reckon it was in 1994 or 5 when I got an unexpected phone call from Ross, he had a spare ticket for a gig the next day and wondered if I was up for it, I think I said yes straight up, I hadn't seen him for a while as we would have been at different schools by then. "whats the gig" I asked, "Oasis at Irvine Beach" was the reply, you legend Ross! The experience that night, which I have Ross to thank for, was magical. The music, the atmosphere, the people, probably encapsulates my adolescence better than any other memories that spring to mind. About halfway through the gig Liam swaggered to the mike and muttered 'Live Forever' the crowd went nuts as we were both crushed toward the front, we sang our hearts out, arm in arm, Ross would have had his rock n roll long locks back then, and i felt like it was just us in the tent, that would be a great thing to feel again. The sad irony of the song has just occurred to me as i write, I'm sure Ross would have a chuckle about that though. The whole experience reminds me of all the things that made Ross such a great friend and man in general, The generosity, the spontaneity, how he was always looking for the experience and wanting to share it with the people around him, The fun, I don't think i can remember him being in a bad mood. If the average person could be more like Ross on his worst day the world would be a pretty awesome place. Good luck Neil on your monster adventure, I'm sure Ross' spirit will keep you pedaling, thank you for giving me this chance to share some great memories, the chance's to do so have been too few with the miles between here and home, I look forward to reading more and to smiling with everyone, I miss you all but especially my old friend Ross. Cheers.

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