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Hogmanay 1999

Posted at 2:14am on 18th July 2010 by ali "bongo" mclauchlanAdd Comment | 0 Comments

My abiding memory of Ross was Hogmanay 1999.

Everyone had gathered at Shep/Steve Mac,s flat on Great Western road for the pre-night sheniganans. Needless to say we got in a right old nick on an assortment of Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort etc.

Everyone managed to meet up just off Georges Square as Slam were playing in some sort of stage.

My little brother got in in a rare state so i was doing the best to control him. I think Gregor was attempting the same with Ross.

For some reason a battered Christmas tree had got into the crowd and people were stumbling and falling over it. Ross, being a good samaritan was trying to throw the tree into a doorway out of everyones way. Unfortunatley, everyone around him thought he was a nutter and that he wanted to throw it further into the crowd. I looked on and laughed while he tried to placate the angry mob.

Later he burst into a cheer of "happy new year" a full 15 minutes early setting off a chain reaction around the Square. When the people realised his mistake(deliberate or not) they were none to pleased but it made the night all the more enjoyable.

Can't remember too much about the rest of the night/weekend bar that it was a fine hoot.

Ross was a true gentleman.Always up for a laugh and a mischevious, wee adventure. Daft as a brush and a true roaster.

My heart goes out to his friends and family.

He will be sadly missed.



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