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Morgan's Stag

Posted at 9:55pm on 4th July 2010 by Chris CumminsAdd Comment | 1 Comments

Morgan's stag do was a messy, messy affair, as these things often are. I'd only met Ross once before in Pitlochry when I'd been up visiting Mr Apps and I was now seeing him in what could only be described as his finest! The stag, for those of you unfortunate enough not to have attended, took place in a pictish round house, the only lighting in the place was an enormous fire pit and some candles. There was no chimney just a peaked thatched roof that very very slowly let out the smoke. The result was that at the end of 3 days we all resembled our pictish ancestors crossed with an Arbroath smokey and developed some sort of respiratory disease. The noxious mixture of alcohol and firesmoke must have affected my vision which was, to say the least, a bit blurry. Ross had chosen a fine hat for the occasion, one of those furry numbers with the ear flaps that hang down. I glanced up from the conversation I was having with Goof and swear that it was no longer Ross at the other side of the room but a young lady - name removed, complete with luscious curly hair. I sidled up to her, I mean him, and started laying on the charm, convinced that this vision in front of me was by far the best looking lady in the room and therefore worthy of my rapt attention. It wasn't until the smoke cleared, or I sobered up a little that I realised my mistake.....not sure what this says about me or Ross or (name removed ) young lady but I tell you what, I fair enjoyed chatting to him that night and consequently at the Wedding. Ross was an ace fella and that was an ace night.

neil04 Jul 10, 10:45pm

How did you rate Ross's response to your chat up lines ? He told me some weirdo asked him for his number that night.....

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