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Posted at 11:32pm on 1st July 2010 by Neil AppsAdd Comment | 1 Comments

Ross and I used to play PES ( Pro Evolution Soccer on playstation) every night, pretty much without fail, all the time we lived together. I was lucky enough to live with him for a second time between 2008 - 2009 for about a year , we played PES on his last night in the house before the accident, and i think it was one of the rare occasions i won a couple of games. When i lived with him in the batcave in Glasgow we played a lot of PES there too. I lost most of the time wherever we lived. We always played for a pound a game and i always kept losing. You only have to pay up when it gets to a tenner, but as we had other bets going on such as the old firm matches, neither of us ever actually parted with any money even if the debt got quite high, as it was not something either of us could ever afford - we would just settle when we were rich we agreed. I think i finally did part with some cash when i lent Ross about £20 and later, we agreed that rather than him give it back to me we would square up the seasons debt, it had been a bad season for Rangers and I had continually lost at PES as usual so it all worked out fine ( for Ross that is). When Ross got a job with Poletecs and moved in with me i was so happy that my PES partner was back, and i used to bring the projector home from work every day and we would play it projected on to a wall about 12 foot long and 6 foot high in HD. It was some of the happiest PES times of my life despite continually losing still ( and i have had a few PES times over the years of 'studying'). Even when he went back up the road for the weekend and i stayed down in Wetherby we would manage the odd online game, much to our respective girlfriends/fiance's delight. Anyway, by the time Ross left us all, i owed him one hundred pounds - the deal was always that one day when i was rich i would pay it, as per our usual arrangement of never getting round to paying. I am sure Ross will approve that i have decided to pay up early ( i am not rich yet) and i put it towards the bike for the trip. I miss playing PES with Ross, he made my continual losing fun, a very rare quality.

Morgan02 Jul 10, 7:53am

It made me happy that when you left Aberdeen, Ross picked up the baton and continued the tradition of beating you at PES everyday.

When I visited the bat cave, Ross & I had some cracking PES battles - pretty sure he came out on top overall though. Unlike you Apps, I didn't find this so much fun!

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