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Swinging Birthday!

Posted at 10:56am on 24th June 2010 by LauraAdd Comment | 0 Comments

Getting to know Ross over the last 3 years was a real pleasure. A guy with a fun loving spirit, kind and helpful, I could see why Ross was a favourite with everyone. A time that particularly stands out for me was last year in Wetherby. It was Neil’s Birthday and after an awkward duet of Happy Birthday (which Ross and I giggled through) and quite a few drinks some of Neil’s work friends came to join us for Birthday drinks. Ross got the party started by unveiling his home made entertainment! A tree swing!! A pull up bar and an old frayed piece of rope were the components of the swing. Ross drunkenly helped me onto the swing which was a recipe for disaster! Even drunk I nervously mounted the swing and was swinging high from the tree’s! Moments later… after bashing my leg and knee I could hear Ross encouraging someone else to have a go! The next person to get on that swing was not so lucky… it fell to pieces moments later! Battered and bruised we headed on for drinks and Ross was first to order a cheeky round of shots at the bar. Ross made a fairly quiet Tuesday night out in Wetherby a crazy, fun filled night and one which I will never forget. Even although I haven’t known Ross as long as some he certainly gave me memories which will stay with me forever.

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