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Uncle Ross

Posted at 7:50pm on 28th July 2010 by Steve McIntoshAdd Comment | 0 Comments

Ross tended to make a big impression on those who met him. Now imagine you were 4ft smaller than him. Ross was known as Uncle Ross in our house, and he was the bringer of gifts. None so loved as Drew the Dragon. Ross said he spent days sourcing the perfect gift. Determined not only to please Freya but get one over Auntie Jill. This worked on both counts, much to Auntie Jills annoyance. Auntie Jill would be on the phone, Freya would ask for Uncle Ross, Auntie Jill walked in, wheres Uncle Ross. This pleased Ross. It was a hot contest for the little ladies love and attention but I think they both got their fill. Freya had a thing for the boys and Ross in particular, thankfully for me she has grown out of this stage, I'm sure it will return at a later stage, not before she is 21 though. Mya was also lucky enough to recieve the Uncle Ross treatment. I'm pretty sure her first memory will be of the two of us taking her down the pub one sunny afternoon whilst vicki and Jill were out shopping. Don't worry we didn't get her that drunk.

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